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Where the coffee is roasted Mountain Fresh, the espresso bars are brimming with comfort, inspiration & adventure, and the coffee drinks, teas, and treats are served up with exceptional care.

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Mountain Fresh, Flagstaff, Arizona

In 1993 we opened our first cafe in downtown Flagstaff.  Within a few years, we began roasting our own coffee and baking sweet stuff out of our newly converted 1960’s filling-station/cafe on Hwy 180.  As the years clicked by we added a coffee kiosk in the lobby of FMC and moved our baking and roasting into a specially designed facility.  It’s located near Warners Nursery and WholeFoods Market along with other local commercial enterprises.

In 2014 we were awarded being one of Flagstaff’s 50 Iconic Businesses and were recently (2016) voted Best Coffee Roastery by the readers of the Arizona Daily Sun.  1993 feels like a long time ago.  And indeed, a lot has changed since then but you can still count on our coffee being fresh and our cafes being staffed with a great team of enthusiastic and helpful baristas.  We have a penchant for brewing our coffee strong and are known for blending teas, crafting our own cold brew & concentrate and making our own cocoa mixes, as well as putting our own spin of spices into our Chai’s.

For many of our ‘regulars’; Mike, Jody, Thom, Rich, and Emily to name a few that come to mind, our Coconino Mocha, Spicy Chai, Rockrammer and Cuppa Jo are all we need to be serving.  But lucky for everyone else, we have an extensive selection of teas and specialty coffee drinks to go with our freshly baked goods and grab ‘n go breakfast & lunch burritos.  We love making them and hope you enjoy them too.

As for roasting, we are known for our dark roasts and blends.  That isn’t to say we don’t do other roast styles, we simply do dark, with exceptional results.  We purchase coffees for more than their roasting qualities and taste attributes.  We carefully source from farms and co-ops that embrace eco-friendly and socially sustainable practices.  We also take note of and buy growers new exceptional seasonal offerings so there’s always something new to spice up your favorite pick.

So whether you are here to shop online or find out where you can find one of our iconic espresso bars, Thanks!

We very truly do appreciate your business.

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Amazing coffee and customer service! Will be stopping in frequently! Austin Leggett

Creative Director, Mountain Mojo Group