About Us - Late for the Train Menu

About Us - Late for the Train Menu

Signature Drinks

Coconino Mocha
This little mocha puts the polish on our tracks!  It's got just the right amount of bad to be good.  Made with our cold-brew concentrate and saucy chocolate sauce.

Fireman’s Mocha
We add a double shot of espresso to our Fireman's Hot Cocoa.
It’s alarmingly good.  Caution: It's not for kids, pregnant women or people who complain about the heat.

Dave's Rockrammer
The original one.   A triple shot pulled short with raw sugar and a splash of half & half.  It's six ounces of perfection.  We've had customers returning from Germany, Australia and Portugal tell us our Rockrammer is the thing they crave most and look forward to on their return to the USA.  That's kinda fun.

Retro Metro
Whole milk and coconut flavoring steamed up and poured over a triple shot.  It's a little drink with a big smile.  Bring your flip flops.

A Locomotive is a Cuppa Jo with a double shot and a splash of half & half.  Back in the day when Heritage Square was a dirt parking lot the locals had this drink pegged as something of a culinary landmark.  Although the dirt lot is now pavered, the Locomotive still packs the rough and ready punch we all sometime need to get on with our day.  

Spicy Chai Latte
This is another one of our custom drinks that is putting us on the mobile traffic.  We give India’s national beverage a taste of Arizona with hot & spicy peppers. Presweetened and served with steamed soy milk.

Mochas and More

Flagstaff Mocha
Our cold-brewed Coconino Mocha steamed up with a double shot.

Mars Hill Mocha
This pup is made with our custom blend of cocoas and freshly pulled espresso.

Dark Skies Mocha
If you love dark chocolate you may fall in love with us.  Shots with dark chocolate.  Simply perfect.

Hot Cocoa
Made with our custom blend of dry cocoas, not Bosco, YooHoo, or Hersheys.  Real milk too.

Fireman's Hot Cocoa
Cocoa with New Mexico chili spices, vanilla and almond. Caution: It’s not for kids or complainers.

Espresso Drinks

A.M. Track Latte
Double shots and steamed milk textured to silky sweet perfection.

Rapid Transit Latte
Triple shots for an extra bold and creamy latte.  We don't know what it is about Flagstaff, but the locals love triples.

Vanilla Latte
A little sugar doesn't scare all of us.  Besides, flavors are Fun!
We also have hazelnut, sugar-free vanilla…and others.

Caramel Latte
Creamy caramel sauce with an extra dollop of fluffy milk foam.

Fresh from our Roastery and pulled to exacting standards.  We don't treat our espresso as if were french fries from McDonalds.  You can always rely on our espresso for great taste but we take advantage of seasonal crop offerings to put subtle twists into your shots.  Spring brings bright Central Americans, The Fall brings possibilities for chocolate and fruit notes.  We love the nuances and bring them to you for pleasing surprises.  Always intensly flavored, smooth and sweet.

Italian Cappuccino
Made traditionally with equal parts espresso, milk, and a fluffy cap.

Double espresso that’s filled to the brim with lots of filtered hot water.


Cuppa Jo
We roast the coffee and brew it strong.  We only get about 15 cups from a pound of beans so please don't ask for a freebee.

Fancy Jo
Black coffee gets a tan with steam sweetened half & half.

Party Jo
Brew up some fun! 96oz. serves 12.


Cuppa Tea
Black, Green and Herbal infused fresh to order.

Sweet Masala Chai Latte
Authentic chai made from imported spices and Indian tea.
Served with steamed milk.

Mate Latte
Unroasted & unsweetened Brazilian Mate with steamed soy milk.

Lhasa Latte
An infusion of our Communi-tea blend black tea with steamed milk & raw sugar.
(Communi-tea blend is black tea, bergamot oil, vanilla and spice)

Stay Cool

Iced Coffee
Our house Cuppa Jo chilled to fulfill.

Iced Tea
Brisk & refreshing blend of teas from India.

Iced Coconino Mocha
Silky smooth chocolate and cold-filtered coffee.

Iced Mars Hill Mocha
Our custom blended cocoa melted into a double shot over ice.

Iced Latte
Double shots, milk and a splash of liquid sugar.

Iced Americano
Double shots over ice, water and a splash of liquid sugar.

Iced Caramel Latte
Caramel & vanilla swirled in a double shot with cold milk.

Iced Chai
Your choice; sweet or spicy.