Organic Portofino Espresso



It’s an idea.

Like smooth sailing.  Love at first sight.

Everything at once, in a single sip.

Sometimes, like now, it happens.

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Product Description

The main purpose of our Portofino Blend is to behave exceptionally well under pressurized extraction; EsPrEsso.  Traditionally thick creamy body, perfumed aromas, intense flavor.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing crazy.  No rainbows or super-taster adjectives.  Just really good tasting coffee.  That’s our Porto.

It gets the job done whether buried in silky steamed milk or served straight up in a demitasse for a mid afternoon treat.  And that’s how we like it.  From time to time we like taking advantage of the seasonality of coffee and sharing nuances of the world’s best coffee farmers with you in espresso.

We are currently excited about using two exceptionally high grown African coffees as the centerpiece of our Portofino Blend this winter.  In addition to the cup characteristics listed above, your shots will waft from the cup bright, with ripe fruit/berry notes and hints of soft graham cracker and cocoa.

Our Portofino Blend also makes a great pour-over too for those who don’t want a coffee with deep roasty notes.  Portofino Blend is our lightest roast.  The sugars haven’t yet fully caramelized so they stay clean and bright.  It’s smooth, takes cream & sugar well and is loaded with a traditional taste profile.

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