Here’s the standard bearer from Indonesia – The granddad of Specialty coffee

Walking through rows of upturned soil, slow moving in a waxed canvas coat, oozing reliability and sweet character traits of a bygone era…wood, spice, leather, quiet, smooth… Always there, waiting for you.



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Smooth.  Earthy. Big bodied, low bling.  That’s Sumatra.  Brimming with terroir and the wild & funky effects of wet-hulled processing.  Lintong, Long berry, Mandheling, Gayo, Sidikalang, Aceh, Organic, Typica, Linie-S…the buyers choices dizzy the firmest vision.  Don’t let the choices frustrate you.

We love ’em all.  They are always smooth and full-bodied and dancing with herbaceous flavors.  We take our Sumatra’s to a deep medium roast to the beginnings of dark roast.  This accentuates Sumatra’s roast-induced sweetness that is reminiscent of brown sugar/molasses.


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